Last week, pregnancy news of socialite Anita Fabiola almost broke the internet.

Fabiola seemingly relaxed

Fabiola seemingly relaxed

It was reported that Fabiola is heavily pregnant after a picture with a bulgy stomach leaked to the public.


Close people who know Fabiola well doubted the news until our credible source un earthed the truth behind the picture that was leaked.

Xclusive UG can reliably reveal that Anita Fabiola is soon getting back to our home screens.


is rumoured that she is joining NBS TV. A very close source we talked to revealed to us that Anita Fabiola released that picture where she looked heavily pregnant with intentions of keeping her fans on tension as she gets back to TV finally. Source reveals it was just a stunt.

Ever since Fabiola nude pictures leaked to the nation, and later fired from her NTV Job, she has never been the same. She has tried out a few jobs here and there. She even recently joined actressing world.

We wish her the best.


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