Ugandan cross-border media personality Anita Fabiola is pregnant, sources claim.  According to close friends, Fabiola is pregnant for Rich gang founding member Ed Cheune. Recently, a photo of Fabiola’s baby-bump emerged online even though no confirmation was obtained.

Fabiola seemingly relaxed

Fabiola seemingly relaxed

From impeccable sources however, Fabiola swallowed a live seed from Ed Cheune, whom she has secretly been seeing. “She’s pregnant, but she doesn’t want anyone to know,” a source close to Fabiola told this website.
Fabiola and Ed Cheune’s relationship was

first reported in July this year when Fabiola was spotted half-naked at the Rich gang mansion in Muyenga.

When contacted however, Fabiola claimed to be “just friends” with Cheune. In the photos she unveiled after her time there, was one where ED Cheune’s car was visible. Snoops believe she spent the night over in nocturnal sessions with him.

For quite a while, Ed Cheune has cemented a legacy of banging the hottest women in Kampala, most of whom are from the TV circles. The development comes when Cheune and his Rich gang buddies are organizing a party slated for december 19, at Club Guvnor, Kampala.

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