Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Uganda has today launched another exciting global brand in its energy drink category – Power Play Energy drink to counter Pepsi’s Sting Energy drink.

Coca-cola Beverage Africa (CCBA) staff pose with the boxers and ushers during the launch of a new brand Power Play energy drink at the company head offices in Namanve.
Launching the brand today, CCBA Managing Director Conrad Van Niekerk said “We are proud to introduce a high quality and trustworthy global energy drink into Uganda.

With the current trend of busier schedules and more complicated lifestyles, people need an energy boost on a daily basis and this product provides the perfect offering.

Power play celebrates the Ugandan culture of “Work hard, Play hard”.
Whether it is long hours at work, the hustle on the street, dodging traffic on Boda Boda, studying through the night, dancing and celebrating culture, Power Play is an appropriately refreshing drink.
The brand will feature well with extreme sport enthusiasts, and will be a good blend for people excited by speed, high energy, flash and instant thrill.

Launched under the tagline “Charginga Ne power play”, the brand is positioned towards the need for a quick

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and effective energy boost.

On his part, the CCBA Commercial Director Patrick Oyuru said “Power Play Energy drink is designed to give consumers the best value for money per volume consumed.
At only 2,000 UGX for a 400ml pack, consumers will be guaranteed a uniquely delicious flavor. With its communal, expressive, creative and uplifting style, Power Play Energy Drink will energize, refresh, and stimulate you instantly.”
Power Play is now available at all official Coca-Cola Distributors across the country.
The Power Play launch at CCBA Head Offices in Namanve was marked with adrenalin rising excitement from a parade of play truck race with baggies, bikers, dancers and comedians.
Power Play is represented by an energetic icon bearing the image of a Griffin that shows the winning and play hard attributes. The Griffin is a combination of a lion (King of the jungle) and an eagle (King of the birds) summarising Power Play energy drink impact; Fierce & Gentle, Wild & Tamed for the Mind & Body.

Derrick Mutumba, a Boda Boda rider at Oilcom stage in Namanve had this to say after tasting the brand “Ate kano Coke kereese kakabi, energy drink mungi ate akawowo kakabi mwana, namaanyi otandikirawo! Kyakabi” translated as “This is a superb energy drink with a great taste! The energy is instant”


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