There comes a time when man must settle down, and wed the woman of his life.


After years of illegal bonking, that time has finally come for Kampala Cement marketing boss Oscar Kamukama.

The ever jolly Kamukama is finally set to wed his woman after so many years together.

Oscar will wed Miria, his longtime sweetheart, on February 24 2018.

According to a message circulated among buddies, begging, sorry, wedding meetings will

kick off next month.

A kasiki for Oscar to wave goodbye to bachelorhood will take place at posh Club Guvnor, something that has not gone down well with management of Guvnor Conti at Ndundu in Kisaasi.


Since Oscar is a regular at the container kafunda, we hear the owners had expected to host his kasiki and make a kill.

However Kamukama’s pals tell us he has planned a drink up for his Ndundu container pals before his wedding.

All we can say is congs to Oscar Kamukama.

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