“As you can see i am in office at my desk working on my new strategies and planning for a new UBC.”  the polite Kasumba shot back when we asked of the circulating rumor of her firing.

The Manager UBC - Jane Kasumba

The Manager UBC – Jane Kasumba

Twenty Two workers were laid off after they hit the government mandatory age limit of 60 years last week. These include  legendary News anchors, Ismael Kigozi, Esther Kazinda- alais Eseza Omutto, Dick Mulima Ssempala,Joesph Iga Bukenya, Herbert Omoding amonst many.

While disputing rumors that the workers were fired including herself as this website had earlier reported, the TV head Jane Kasumba told our own that twenty two workers were laid off after hitting the government mandatory age employee limit of 60 years.

“These, we later hosted and gave a colorful farewell party at Mackinnon suit and they were all very

happy.”  Kasumba said.


UBC however, is at leeway for their expertise where ever they will be on a consultancy basis though, due to their experience in the company – She added.

In her orchestrated rather soft accent, Kasumba told this website that her energy right now is to see that the station gets a new positive image with a lot of energy brought in through the HRM office.

She said they were working on the PR aspect of the station as well, programming and how they could match up to the current competition brought in by the new players in both the television and the digital era.

“My utmost concentation right now is to have the station revamped in all aspects and that is where i am currently directing my energy.” the rather serious lady of the ‘house’ said.

Xclusive Ug also further noted that only three of Station’s workers have running contracts as of now, which will apparently expire in 2020.

Well, er… we here at Xclusive wish UBC all the best.

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