A new reality tv show is hitting africa’s tv sets soon and this time a Ugandan is to be part of the producers.

The new big brother type of reality show tailored for only East Africa community; called God Father East Africa, is to find its airwaves & produced from Nairobi, Kenya in the beginning of March, 2018, featuring lucky contestants from; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania & Rwanda.

Ugandan Sir Allan Kaweireku

With application forms of the GFEA not yet released at the moment, socialites have already been seen talking about and together with demonstrating their interests to joining the house, trying to forget how hard it was for some of them to make it to the Big Brother Africa in South Africa.

The local media from around the EA region has also been seen creating ways on how to secure advertising business from the GFEA project!
In short GFEA – God Father East Africa has appointed the Ugandan Sir Allan Kaweireku as their Project Head, the entertainment giant who has worked with Dtsv in the promotions area in very many occasions, also on local media and in

the beverage industry in the medium of promotion & marketing at senior level for about six years now, gets the big deal on his way.

It is of great value to the Socialites in Kampala that Sir Allan Kaweireku is the appointed Project Head of the GFEA, Sir Allan Kaweireku who is a very popular face among city socialites & a friend to many in the Entertainment Industry of East Africa did respond to Xclusive Ug shortly after his return from Liverpool, United Kingdom, expressing more about this great achievement, he simply cracked a joke, “I am very happy it had to come my way, since many of my OGs are socialites, not only in Uganda though, I have OGs in Rwanda, I have OGs in Tanzania… OGs in Kenya, ohh what a perfect destination!?!! Lol” added Sir Allan Kaweireku.
GFEA 2018 doors open for applicants to fill & submit forms not yet communicated, as the News from there has it that Application forms shall be distributed in all East African countries by end of November, 2017!!!
Watch the space as we will keep you updated on the big show for EA “God Father East Africa “ exclusively at Xclusive Ug


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