Police in Wandegeya has a mounted a hunt for a city prostitute who chloroformed and robbed shs100 million from a top city doctor.

The doctor is dentified as Kirya James and works as the District Medical Officer of Namutumba District.


According to information from close pals, Kirya left Namutumba on Tuesday with over shs100 million which he wanted to buy a plot of land in Ntinda.


However, Kirya did not immediately pay out the money as his land brokers were not in Kampala and promised to meet him the next day Wednesday.

Dr Kirya who had a bag full of money went to Wandegeya where he bought a slut for shs100,000 for a night.


The source added that the pair went to College Inn Hotel in Wandegeya for night of bliss.

It is reported that when the pair reached the hotel, the medic sent the slut to buy for him beers and food outside the hotel which was a little bit cheaper compared to what was being sold inside the hotel.


“After eating and drinking, the Dr slept and could not wake up for over three hours. The slut later checked inside the doctor’s bag and found over shs100m which she disappeared with,” a source is quoted.


It is indicated that after over three

hours, Kirya woke up and found his money missing, and the girl nowhere to be seen.

“When he found his money missing, he almost run mad, got out of the room and started running on Wandegeya streets and cars were almost knocking down,” said Henry Magoma a close friend.

He was speaking only two words; my money, my money, my money.



“We took him to Wandegeya police station to record statement but could not make it because he was like a mad man,” added Magoma saying CID advised them to take him to hospital for treatment.



“We took him to Case Clinic and got some blood samples which was tested and found drugs in his blood,” he said adding that he was put on drip for five hours waiting for him to cool down.

Magoma noted that when he settled, he disappeared from the hospital and switched off his phones.

Luke Owoyesigire, the Deputy Police spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan confirmed Dr Kirya was brought to Wandegeya police station after he was robbed by a suspected slut.

Owoyesigire added that police advised relatives of the doctor to take him to hospital and later bring him back to record the statement.

“When they went to the hospital, they never came back to police for statement and the phone number he left behind is now off, so we cannot trace him now,” said the officer.

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