Vocal musician A Pass has blasted Ugandan politicians especially NRM MPs for lacking an independent mind.

A Pass

A Pass

The Gamululu hitmaker faulted the National Resistance Movement Members of Parliament for blindly following a collective ideology which has failed Uganda.

Labelling them ‘the most annoying thing in Uganda’ A Pass claimed the politicians don’t care about Uganda.

He wrote: “Politicians are the most annoying thing in Uganda most especially the NRM members. They

lack an independent mind, they just have a collective ideology that they want to push, and that’s all they can talk about. They don’t care about the people and what matters to the people,” A Pass wrote.

He further added that the youths have been left behind.

He added: “What hurts me the most they don’t care about the Youth.
You say the youth are the future but you side line them. When will we have young people involved in state matters when we have these dinosaurs creating opportunities for themselves?”


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