Doreen Nasasira, KFM radio presenter has come come to attack Ugandan men that they are not sexually romantic and luck instincts of handling women.

The Kfm star is not impressed by Ugandan men

The Kfm star is not impressed by Ugandan men

During an online interview with a local tabloid, she revealed how she finds Ugandan men so irritating when it comes

to love.


“ Most  of Ugandan men are too mean and so unromantic. As a love doctor for certain good time, i have carried out my research about these Ugandan men and i can confidently say, they are not nice. Most of them want to satisfy themselves and nothing more than that” She was quoted saying.


Doreen presents a night show of KFM called the K-Zone. On the same show, she acts a love doctor of all sorts. She helps people mend their hearts and connects lonely hearts.


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