Today Morning Ugandans woke up to the gracing word ” Hello Pemba’s Video” others being asked if they had landed their eyes on it.

Jack Pemba & Honey Suleman  during their love days

Jack Pemba & Honey Suleman during their love days

It is a steamy video of Jack Pemba’s old cut – Honey Suleman hammering herself hard on a short held still ‘shortput’

However, through mixed feelings others disputed the fact since there was no Pemba’s face showing any where in any of the two 49 seconds or so steamy videos.

However screenshots were all over Whatsapp groups with Honey Suleman (the girl in question) raging with full anger of how the shaky business man leaked the sex tape of them having sex and later on hacking into her Facebook account.

Through her new page the 22year old attacked as she was shocked by the tycoon’s behavior, which she claims shows of how much he had lost it.

“I see no reason for hacking my Facebook account Jack Pemba that’s not what men do. You’re a looser,” she said.

Suleman went ahead to assure Pemba to share the next video with the public since she wasn’t ready to be black mailed again.

“You can release the second video as well am not paying anyone $5000 for videos we made out of love. My family is not paying anything. So jack Pemba feel free to release the

second video as well .you won’t have anything else to black mail me with,” she added

It should be remembered that Jack Pemba just bought a new class model vehicle at a close of 2k USDs and also apparently wanted by the high court of Uganda for failure to refund $300,000 to fellow businessman Godfrey Kirumira.

Mixed feelings running on Social Media

Mixed feelings running on Social Media

Who Is Suleman Honey;

Though little was known about Honey Suleman real names Salama Suleman – was born on 5th May 1996 and raised in Jinja town along Nizam Road from a family of five.

Suleman and a Friend

Suleman and a Friend

She is one of the many daughters of the Late Suleman who was mixed race of an Arab descent. According to a close source after the death of their father the five kids were raised by their mum however they all went separate ways later.

She attended St James Jinja SS for her secondary school.

Due to her love for art, Honey ventured in a mobile make up and massage parlor identified as Sasha Cossets which she started in 2017.

She also works at her sister’s online shop based in UK to deliver Muslim and kids outfits in Uganda.


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