President Yoweri Museveni has described musician Bebe Cool as a strong patriot and asked Ugandans to emulate the singer before confirming he will be attending the star’s upcoming music bonanza.

Gagamel International superstar Bebe Cool is set to hold a concert at Kololo Independence Grounds on 3rd August.

President Museveni has confirmed he will attend Bebe Cool's music gala

President Museveni has confirmed he will attend Bebe Cool’s music gala

In a statement released last evening, president Museveni confirmed that he would be attending the concert to ‘enjoy with young people’ as an appreciation of the support the entertainment industry has accorded him.

Several musicians including Bebe Cool played a vital role in Museveni presidential campaigns in 2016.

A statement from the president read: “I am supporting my son because he is not only hardworking but also progressive and consistent.

While government has taken huge strides in ensuring that the health system is improved and that there is easier access to medical services by all Ugandans, inititiatives like this from all Ugandans are a sign of patriotism. I encourage more Ugandans to emulate this young man Bebe Cool.

Let me come and

enjoy with you young people on this day as a sign of appreciation for the support given to me by entertainment industry. This industry is employing many young men and women now as a result of the peace and stability that the NRM government put in place.

My fellow Ugandans, let us support Bebe Cool on the 3rd August 2018.”

And the singer has today expressed his gratitude revealing the president’s presence will be an honor.

Bebe Cool wrote: With over whelming excitement I am so honoured and humbled by the president’s acceptance to attend the Golden Heart concert.

On behalf of the music fraternity in Uganda, the positive youth and all patriotic Ugandans, i say that this is a fundamental stamp that confirms that the entertainment in Uganda is an industry worth recognizing and organising. This is testimony that government recognises that the entertainment industry has created lots of jobs for talented Ugandans and has a lot of potential to support our economy through taxation of individuals employed by this sector.


Secondly this is proof that when you work with the president, he will work with you too. carefully as they choose who to associate and work with because this is what will determine your success or failure in life.”




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