Popular herbalist Sofia Namutebi commonly known as Mama Fina is still reeling with shock after her daughter Safina Ali Ahmed [real name] Fina secretly took her lover ‘home’ to her Aunt’s home a few days ago for the traditional ceremony of kukyala without Mama Fina’s consent.

Safina and her friends

Safina and her friends

Sources privy yo this information told this website that Safina secretly took her lover home a few days ago for the a very important traditionally secretive ceremony in Ganda calture called Kukyala.

The sources further reveal that the secret lover to Mama Fina’s daughter is one Fred Nkubi, well known as Bugave a spare parts dweller in Kisenyi – Downtown.

The hushed-up Kukyala ceremony was held at her Aunt (Senga’s) home in Bulenga last Thursday.

This website however found out that Safina and Nkubi’s Kukyala ceremony was held under very tight security as words crossed that Nkubi’s other four wives swore to disrupted it.

Nkubi is already married to four other women who he suspected would bite a tongue to see that he never added a younger woman to their lot,

reason why he ensured heavy security deployment.

Well. er.. what seemed to be the shock of the day to the guests, was the fact that Mama Fina never attended the Kukyala ceremony despite the fact that Safina is her first child.

This left very many people wondering why a mother would snub her own daughter’s Kukyala ceremony, yet it is a very crucial part of her life and under normal circumstances, every mother would be so happy to see her daughter taking home the man she has chosen to spend the rest of her life with.

The formal greeting

The formal greeting

It is said however that Mama Fina could have decided to snub Safinah’s Kukyala because she is not on good terms with her in-laws and ex-husband Issa Sekidde, who is Safinah’s father.

Mama Fina dumped Hajji Sekidde a few years back after being snatched by her late husband Mohammed Kiggundu, something that didn’t amuse many of her in-laws. When Kiggundu was gunned down with his driver in 2016, Mama Fina decided to hook another man identified as Ismail Segujja, whom she later got married to.


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