Reigning  NBS TV holds on strong as word gets around that its competitor is long losing out on its strong holds.

News reaching this website from those privy to the once television giants -NTV, has it that Maurice’s impending departure is not only making worse an already impending bad situation but also crowning the long steadily growing NBS to first place.

NTV might lose Sudhir

NTV might lose Sudhir

Word reaching our desk has it that many of the news anchers, reporters alike, who owe their career success to Mugisha as a mentor, can’t imagine life without him. And have in turn considered to throw in the towel thus informing management of their impending exit.

The most eminent being NTV pioneer reporters like Jingo Francis. Long-serving news anchor Josephine Karungi who couldnt hide her emotions on recieving word that her mentor Maurice was calling it quits.

“She was so frustrated, she is leaving journalism altogether for some other things. Probably into reading” – a source is quoted to have made fun of the situation.

Chris Wasswa, another colossus in the NTV news production, too has made it clear to management his days aren’t going to be many at NTV.

Sudhir Byaruhanga is also said to be looking at the crossing the Subway to UBC just like Jingo.

“Maurice loved his team at NTV and believes the best way to avoid disappointing his new bosses at UBC is to move with a core team of people he can build on once at the State Corporation,” a source explained.

All these guys are aggrieved because of the work-related constraints the convergence of news for NTV, Monitor paper and radios has created. Some of them are said to have lost the morale as they mostly comapre the

revenues at NTV as compared to Daily Monitor yet the print reporters are rewarded generously with a hefty facilitation.
News is entirely run on good facilitation and conditions that boost the morale of the journalists and news reporters.

“Things have become over centralized and this is angering everybody. Can you imagine Maurice and Mr. Omollo have to depend on Namuwongo even to buy sugar? They can’t even autonomously purchase toilet papers. This is nothing but an embarrassment to them,” ranted an aggrieved non editorial NTV employee.

Derrick Ntege of editorial, is also said to be quitting saying he can’t imagine a reporter’s life at NTV without having a highly motivating Maurice around.


NTV’s Sports desk too, seems to hang in balance as Mohammed Dhakaba, a sports analyst is also considering to hang his boots on the management’s line. Dhaka is know for his porpular show “The lunch hour sports”

Frank Walusimbi too, famous for his Luganda news reading skills and hosting the Sunday Tuwaye program, is quitting in 4 months’ time. Agnes Nandutu, of two very popular segments namely Point Blank and People’s Parliament, is also relentlessly being sweet-talked by Maurice to jump to UBC.

The exodus will only make the situation worse at NTV. Some fear that the station that has actually also been subsidizing loss-making Spark TV could gradually become unviable as business collapses in the face of the now steadily emerging formidable competitors like Kin Karisa’s NBS, and others alike.

Er.. more word reaching this website has it that since the state Corporation has taken hold of the situation to mount on hard on the media pole, NBS Tv in turn is not taking any chances on the realms and is holding up tight to merge as top.

Lets watch the space.


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