He proudly goes by the name ‘Kilimani’ which means he’s got the money and power.

But lately there have been social media reports that moneybags Bryan White has run broke.

Bryan White flaunts dollars

Bryan White flaunts dollars

Doesn’t look so, at least going by these pictures. The city socialite and philanthropist proudly showed off bundles of dollars to rubbish rumors of him going down under.

For now close to a year Bryan White, the CEO of the Bryan White Foundation has been splashing cash to youths in a bid to better their lives by eradicating poverty.

Interestingly this has not gone well

with everyone, with many labeling him a showoff. And recently when rumors first emerged that he had run broke, many seemed to celebrate.

Bryan White insists he is still liquid

Bryan White insists he is still liquid

But these latest pictures of White with a stash of dollars estimated to be close to Shs1 billion will have many eating their words.

The philanthropist assured Ugandans that he is still in the money and according to his team, he will be heading to Arua over the weekend to continue his charity work under his foundation.

Clearly he’s still in the money…


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