DIEHARD NRM supporter Balaam Barugahara has cheekily threatened to drag President Yoweri Museveni to court if he does not stand for presidency in 2021.

Balaam chatting to the president recently

Balaam chatting to the president recently

Businessman Balaam, a staunch NRM man, has written to the presidential press secretary Don Wanyama informing him of his decision should Museveni step

down after this presidential term.

But pals will quickly realize this was a tongue in cheek post meant to get opposition diehards talking.

Balaam wrote: “Please inform Mzee boss with a hat (Museveni) not to betray silent majority Ugandans by not contesting in the upcoming elections. I will personally drag him to court.

I have a team of lawyers on standby to sue him for disobeying rightful voters’ wishes! What I saw in Bugiri, the fire is burning ….

Over to his supporters and haters for respectful comments.”


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