We do not know what’s going on between dancehall musician King Michael and his wife Rhona Ndagire but it seems all might not be well.IMG-20180728-WA0017

Word reaching our desk indicates the Dancehall Crew CEO has hooked another woman.


King Michael

King Michael

Sources close to the singer tell this website that Michael is dating a one Shifrah, a German hottie.
This will definitely not go down well with Ndagire, the mother of Michael’s children.
It is not clear how, or when the two

hooked but sources add that Michael is head over heels for the bummy beauty.
And she madly loves him back.

We are told: ” Michael believes Shifrah is the real one. He is deep with her. He can’t live without her.”
Our sources tell us Shifrah is a banker in the European country.
She stays in MANHEIM in Germany but she wants to relocate if it means being close to new love King Michael.

And if all goes according to plan, she will be jetting in the country in September.

Meanwhile other sources claim Michael could be targeting her money.
We hear Michael has discussed investment with her, here in Uganda.

Shifrah’s father, Glen, is a gold dealer based in Portugal.

Watch this space!


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