Musician Bebe Cool’s Golden Heart is building up as one of the most anticipated local music shows in Uganda.

For weeks the gig set to take place this Friday 3 August at Kololo Airstrip has had everyone talking.



Social media is buzzing. President Yoweri Museveni is among other high profile Ugandans to confirm attendance.

Everyone wonders who really Bebe Cool is. A man that has the country talking.

Today we discover more of Bebe’s untold story in the eyes of his longterm bodyguard, Cobra.

Here is the interview…


Xclusive UG: Who is Cobra?
Cobra: I was born Abbas Kabyobyo and I got the Cobra nickname at a young age. I was a stubborn boy who would fight with fellow boys all time.
My dad nicknamed me Cobra because wherever I was involved in a fight, I had to make sure I finish the job. Just like the cobra snake, I never quit.
I’m married with three kids. I have one wife.
Xclusive UG: When and how did you meet Bebe Cool?
Cobra: I loved Bebe Cool when he released his song Oga. I always dreamt of being his friend. I was still in the village but luckily a friend of mine knew Bebe Cool personally and he connected me. I was into kick boxing and karate. Bebe was instantly impressed and in September 2008, he gave me a job as a bouncer.
Ours was a first impression relationship.

Cobra says boss Bebe Cool treats him like a brother

Cobra says boss Bebe Cool treats him like a brother


Xclusive UG: What has been your experience working with one of the biggest celebrities in Uganda?
Cobra: Its been the best experience. First of all I have been able to work with him for this long because of my love for God.
Apart from that, there is mutual respect. Bebe Cool respects me as his bouncer. He is a selfless person and has helped me meet very important people in Uganda and all over the world.
Meeting Bebe Cool is the best thing to ever happen to me.
Xclusive UG: What have been your achievements as Bebe Cool’s bouncer?
Cobra: I own a gym in Wandegeya where I earn quite well.
I’m also into car dealing. All

the money to start my businesses was from Bebe.
Apart from that, Bebe Cool takes care of my family’s medical bills up to now.
Xclusive UG: Some years ago, you and Bebe Cool were shot by a police officer and nearly lost your life, you recovered and stayed with Bebe Cool, why was that?
Cobra: We were shot on 29 January 2010. I remember the incident vividly.
I threw myself in the line to save Bebe Cool. I was shot in the stomach six times. I love Bebe Cool and when he gave me a job in 2008, I promised myself I would do everything to protect him.
Xclusive UG: We understand government compensated Bebe Cool for the shooting, how much was it and what was your share?
Cobra: I wholeheartedly thank Bebe Cool because he never abandoned me. During the time of need, he was there for me. He looked after me for two years when I was recovering from the gunshot wounds. He took care of my family.
Xclusive UG: In your own words, tell us about Bebe Cool. What do you think of him?
Cobra: Bebe Cool is my brother. He has a kind heart and loves straightforward people.
He wishes all his friends and everyone well. He loves providing career advice and guidance to young people. He is selfless. He’s a good man.
Xclusive UG: What’s your routine like as Bebe Cool’s bouncer?
Cobra: It depends on his schedule. He either calls me or I call him every morning to get the day’s routine.
After that I plan my day accordingly to fit into his programs.
Whenever he needs me, I’m ever available.


Xclusive UG: Would you die defending your boss again?
Cobra: I would put my body in the line again to save Bebe Cool. He is a person I love.
Xclusive UG: Apart from Bebe Cool definitely, who are your other favorite Ugandan musicians?
Cobra: I love Fred Sebatta. He is my second favorite musician. Growing up, I was a kadingo kamu fan, and Sebatta was my favourite.
Xclusive UG: You have been with Bebe for his rehearsals and all, what should fans expect from his Golden Heart concert?
Cobra: It will definitely be massive. He has rehearsed perfectly well with the Gagamel Band. All is set. And you know God never forgets his people. That’s why tickets and tables are selling out fast. Because of his good heart, all Uganda’s top people have bought tables. The president as well.


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