Bebe Cool has finally revealed that he amassed Shs550 million at the recently held Golden Heart concert before he donated Shs60 million to children with heart problems.

The five children with complicated heart problems will fly to India on Sunday for treatment.

They are; Emmie Ogwang, Bbosa Rashid, Maseruka Jovan, Namuyomba Shilat and Mukyadondwa Anthony.

Bebe and the sick children on Monday morning

Bebe and the sick children, their parents/caretakers on Monday morning

Bebe presented them to the press at Torino bar in Kololo on Monday in the presence of their parents and caretakers.


They will be leaving the country on Sunday September 2, 2018. He said another team is preparing where they are going

to receive treatment in India.


“The tickets and visas are ready. They will be flying by Emirates. Hospitals are ready to treat them,” Bebe told press.

He said from the airport, the kids will head to Narayana Health Hospital in Bengarore – India for a heart operation.

According to Bebe, the first operation is expected to be carried out the next Tuesday.


He said Tropical Bank had also joined his efforts in raising his newly registered charity organization- The Amber Heart Foundation.


Bebe Cool then handed a Shs60m cheque to Action for Disadvantaged People (ACDPE) to facilitate the travel of the five children.

In the same presser, Bebe revealed that he had collected Shs550 million in the concert. However over Shs330 million went into organizing the hugely successful event.

The singer further launched his charity organization, Amber Heart Foundation.


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