There’s no question Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi alia Bobi Wine has become a political wave of sorts.


Ever since he won the by-election in Kyadondo East, the musician’s stock has risen with some even suggesting he could become president at one point.

Bobi Wine alongside Kasiono Wadri in Arua on Monday

Bobi Wine alongside Kasiono Wadri in Arua on Monday

However, some supporters or rather political analysts believe Bobi Wine should tame ‘his excitement.’

This comes following the shooting of his driver on Monday in Arua.  Bobi, currently under detention, was in Arua to campaign for Independent Kasiono Wadri in the Arua Municipality by-election.

At least, they argue, he should do it for his young family.

A one Nicholas Kalungi opined: “Those that love and are close to Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Ghetto Gladiator Bobi Wine should ask him to CLIMB DOWN; at-least if not for himself, he should do it for his family, friends and fans.


Away from the alleged wave of change ( which in my opinion is a mere creation and not a reality because Dr Kizza Besigye remains the face of anything opposition and defiance in Uganda), Bobi needs to have his political career grow and develop in to something but not forcing or being made to force a short cut.


What do I mean?


Kizza Besigye, Raila Amollo Odinga and late Morgan Tsvangirai (RIP) have in the past 20 or so years been the faces of opposition in their countries.


When William Ruto discovered that he had grown very big and could challenge Raila, he decided to look for allies outside, found Uhuru Kenyatta and together they won the presidency. But, Ruto had first made sure that he has a legitimate and tested

Rift Valley following. Ruto was the reason why Odinga almost became Kenya president in 2007/8. Ruto is the reason why Kenyatta became the fourth Kenya president. The reverse is also true. Kenyatta is the reason why Ruto won the deputy president position. They both form the presidency. No debts, no nothing!


Come 2022, William Ruto will be the main candidate to succeed Uhuru Kenyatta. Raila Odinga or a candidate endorsed by him will be the main challenger!


Even on his death bed, late Morgan Tsvangirai remained the face of Zimbabwe opposition and defacto leader of the Movement for Democratic Change. Nelson Chamisa, the current leader of the Zimbabwe opposition saw to it that he never undermined or tried to humiliate Morgan. Thanks to his loyalty, upon the death or Morgan, Chamisa took over the fanatic support of MDC wing. He may have lost the recent election, but he is destined for bigger things thanks to his patience and loyalty to Morgan. Many love Chamisa because, he didn’t try to overthrow the face of opposition!


And now back home, we have Dr Kizza Besigye and also have Bobi Wine. Even though I am a young student of politics, I know for sure that 2021 is too soon for Bobi Wine.


He needs to back someone and strongly move around the entire country drumming up support for this candidate. Regardless of the outcome (NRM will win not because it is strong but because the opposition gets weaker by the day), he will be seen as a team player.


Come 2026, he will easily say that the time is now, I supported in 2021 and thus, you should now give me the mantle. Maybe then, he will face a defeat-able candidate.


The long and short of this is that, Bobi Wine should be ready to walk the full journey, not short cuts!”

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