It’s almost done! Top city lawyer Edgar Tabaro is set to remarry after finding a life partner, Xclusive UG understands.

Sources tell us that Tabaro, who first marriage collapsed some years ago, is set to walk a one Katia Mugenzi down the aisle.

Katia is a journalist and humanitarian. We understand Tabaro visited Katia’s parents at the home ‘to announce his arrival in the family.’ This happened over the weekend.


Edgar Tabaro and Katia

Edgar Tabaro and Katia


And since then, Katia has been telling whoever cares to listen to the news of great joy.

She shared a letter on social media:

“Dear brother Matthew and Duncan Abigaba, I hope you are well. The reason am writing to you is to share with you the good news from my village. As I write we are dancing “egishakamba” as we sip on the

local brew.


On the 19th May,2018 Your big(In all senses) brother Edgar took me to a very special place to celebrate the day we met each other just like we usually do every 19th May only that this time he went an extra mile and made it very special and gave(note that he gave it to me not kneeling because he told me revolutionaries don’t kneel ) me a very nice ring and asked me to be his life partner of which I said Yes without hesitation but I asked him to come and do it culturally before our parents.


Therefore, It is with great pleasure and Joy that I write to let you know that last Saturday he came home and declared his love for me and confirmed how amazing ,responsible, very supportive ,inspiring, educative he has been in my life.


Otherwise I will write to you again very soon requesting Duncan to fetch water as Matayo fetches fire wood. Yours sincerely. Still Katia Mugenzi”

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