Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platinumz has finally opened up about his relationship with ex-lover Jokate Mwogelo, revealing how bad he feels about their breakup.

Tanzanian singer Diamond

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz

Speaking barely a week after Jokate was appointed to a top job in the Tanzanian government as commissioner, Diamond said Jokate never wronged him but he is the one who messed up everything and embarrassed her big time.

The Tanzanian singer said “I dated her and then I broke up with her for Wema. It was very bad. When I sit down I think I have really done her wrong. She is still my friend and visits me but I really feel ashamed of the situation.”

“Jokate was very innocent and never wronged me at all. I put her in a lot of trouble and people started viewing her in a negative light and started saying that she snatched Wema’s boyfriend. And in actual fact, I am the one that pursued her, ” he added.

Diamond’s sentiments came just days after Magufuli’s government gave

Jokate a lustrous government job. Thousands of people thought Diamond would be bitter following Jokate’s sudden success, but the star proved them wrong.

Jokate is also popular for having dated Ali Kiba who in the same breathe wished his ex-lover all the best after she was appointed by President Magufuli District Commissioner of Kisarawe District, Tanzania.

Alikiba and Jokate

Alikiba and Jokate

Jokate’s romance with the “Seduce Me” singer was greatly publicized and covered by many tabloids. However, they soon split citing irreconcilable differences, a Tanzanian Newspaper is quoted to have reported.

Jokate is an entrepreneur and former Miss Tanzania 2nd runner’s up, a position that was taken by socialite Wema Sepetu. JoKate was also named among Forbes’ 30 under 30 entrepreneurs.

She was also used as a video vixen by Bahati in his song Maria.

Jokate Mwegelo dated both Diamond and Alikiba, both Tanzanian singers

Jokate Mwegelo dated both Diamond and Alikiba, both Tanzanian singers


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