Charles Hamya, the General Manager of Multichoice Uganda, a pay-tv company that runs DStv, has been forced to re-call his position following his scandlous bubble that would put the company’s reputation on the lime.

In an email that this website got eyes on, Hamya said “Effective August 01, 2018, i will take leave of absence from office for a period 4 weeks to give me time to attend to a family situation that regrettably found its way to my workplace…”

Hamya together with Phoebe during a lunch in west

Hamya together with Phoebe during a lunch in west

Now both the web and social media platforms are awash of Charles’ long-standing scandalous sex life affair with a one Phoebe Nakabazzi, who has been both juggling as “the boss’s side ‘chickin’ and Marketing Manager.”

Word circulating around on the media platforms has it that these developments were disclosed by Hamya’s official wife – Crusid Matovu who chose to write an email to the head office in South Africa.

Those privy to this development say that on Thursday last week, Crusid Matovu said in the email to Multichoice, that her husband Hamya and DStv Marketing Manager Phoebe Nakabazzi “started having an affair shortly after Nakabazzi joined the company” in 2015.

However, insiders say that this startling disclosure, if supported, could lead to the removal of Hamya and Nakabazzi from the top positions of the pay-tv.

Some lines in the email that Crusid wrote, are quoted to have read – the purpose of this email is to “bring to light the unethical actions of two of your employees who also happen to be in leadership positions within the company.”

She revealed that she met Hamya in 2011 and they – her Crusid & her husband Charles, were in a public relationship until May 2016 when they decided to get married.

However, Hamya and Nakabazzi later started an affair, according to Crusid.

In the email which has shocked DStv staff, Crusid cried: “After multiple attempts to resolve this matter privately, this affair has continued against our marital vows.”

However, this website could not reach Hamya for any comment.

Crusid, in the bold email, said Nakabazzi has “continued to

disrespect my marriage despite many attempts to cease her mistress-like behaviors with Charles.”

She added: “Her (Nakabazzi) most recent act of devaluing my marriage was on a recent trip she took to Dubai with Charles two weeks ago.”

Crusid said from her knowledge, Hamya and Nakabazzi “decided to meet in Dubai for multiple days and that information was further confirmed in the attached email, in which Charles informs the hotel to check in Nakabazzi and charge the room to his personal account for which he would be checking into later on.”

It appears Crusid landed on Hamya’s confidential emails.

She stated that Hamya and Nakabazzi “stayed at Hyatt Regency in Dubai Creek and later checked into Towers Rotana apartments,” adding, “ To my full knowledge, I confirm that this was not a business meeting.”

However as reported by some other media houses, MultiChoice publicist, Tina Wamala told on Thursday night that the company was “aware of the email” but that they “don’t comment on personal matters.”

She emphasised that “these are matters of a personal and private nature” and that “They are outside of our business operations.”

However, Crusid said Charles and Phoebe’s actions have “proven that they do not value marriage or work ethics.”

Asked if these actions did not imply lack of professionalism, Wamala responded: “MultiChoice culture and values are to establish the highest level of professionalism and integrity embodied in its code of conduct.”

Hyatt regency dubai creek heights corner suite room city view

Hyatt regency dubai creek heights corner suite room city view

In the email, Crusid emphasised that “This level of unprofessionalism should not be what Multichoice Uganda stands for and for that matter I no longer want to be associated with both parties.”

Asked if action would be taken against the MultiChoice staff, Wamala observed: “Should there be evidence to show that this (professionalism and integrity) has not been maintained, our internal processes and procedures will apply.”

Pressed to shed more light on the procedures they would use to hold Hamya and Nakabazzi to account, Wamala said “Those are our internal company policies.”

Well this is an exclusive developing story. More details will be posted as events unfold…


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