The picture of opposition big man Kizza Besigye’s son groping a white young lady’s naked breast has caused a storm among Ugandan Facebook users.

A picture (allegedly works of photoshop) of Anselm Besigye , a Harvard university student, ‘feeling’ and touching a female friend’s right boob has been trending since last evening with some arguing the picture could crash his dad’s political career.

Anselm and friends

Anselm and friends

Others say otherwise insisting Besigye son’s business is only his son’s business.

Businessman Innocent Nahabwe wrote: “I laugh at any father of a daughter laughing at Anselm or the parents for that matter. Kids are not easy. We don’t know whether ours will turn out a Desire or a Love Black. It’s that hard. I doubt any parent wants the worst for their kid. Anselm may actually have been protecting the young girl from exposing her nipples.”


He then added: “Who hasn’t misbehaved? It’s just that we were not Besigye’s son or at Harvard.”


Hazel: “What I can say is that this picture could put him in great trouble today or later in life. History can repeat itself. Isn’t he over 18?”

Dia Na: “Thank you. I know of a very conservative judgmental holier than thoughou family who trolled me for drinking alcohol and their son turned out gay.”

Harimwomugasho Francis: “At that age you actually thank God that he has feelings for females. Imagine he gets feelings for a fellow man.”

Comedian Patrick Idringi Salvado is less than impressed: “He is living the life that his father is providing, why can’t he consider his actions that will reflect on his father coz his father is a Somebody.”

Dorene Namanya: “Why should his father’s aspirations dictate how he lives his life? Let him be his own person. Besides Patrick, you mentioned that as a parent you can’t just watch something like this happen and say nothing, but how do you know what his parents reactions have been? Oba you want them to call a press conference to announce to the world punitive actions they take against their child?”


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