Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi has today (Thursday) morning flagged off 100 Ugandans for work in the rich Middle East countries.

VP Ssekandi with the group

VP Ssekandi with the group

The enthusiastic and energetic Ugandans are going through Uganda’s leading labour exporting agency, Middle East Consultants Ltd (MECL) located in Muyenga.  They will work as drivers, general cleaning staff, maids and unarmed guards in Dubai, Qatar and Abu Dhabi.

The 100 Ugandans now make it over 12,000 taken to the Middle East by Middle East Consultants.


Addressing the lucky 100 at Middle East head offices before they headed to Entebbe International Airport, Ssekandi, who was Chief Guest, asked them to be Uganda’s ambassadors, noting that this will not only get more Ugandans jobs abroad, but also attract foreign investors.


“Treasure the opportunities you have got. Be exemplary workers so that other Ugandans can be considered for jobs abroad.

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Ssekandi blesses one of the workers

Working abroad is more exciting and useful; you get exposure to so many things including diverse cultures,” Ssekandi said.

The Vice President further advised the candidates to invest their hard-earned money in productive activities.


“Be careful with life; we need you to come back alive and kicking,” he said.


Middle East Consultants has so far taken over 12,000 Ugandans

Middle East Consultants has so far taken over 12,000 Ugandans



He urged parents and guardians of the children going for jobs abroad not to steal their hard earned money, but instead invest it.


He commended Middle East Consultants for availing employment opportunities to Ugandans, noting that the company has helped in the fight against unemployment.


He revealed that government has put in place a policy guiding the export of labour.


“Go through only licensed companies like Middle East Consultants. We need jobs, but we also have to ensure that they (jobs) are safe both within and abroad,” he said.


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