Allan Hendricks has opposed dad Bebe Cool on the recently imposed social media tax.

President Museveni has confirmed he will attend Bebe Cool's music gala

President Museveni has confirmed he will attend Bebe Cool’s music gala

Recently Bebe Cool took to Facebook to support the tax, also known as OTT tax, and this did not go well with majority Ugandans.


And now his elder son Allan has weighed in insisting the tax was a

miscalculation and an extremely wrong move.

“First of all, for every tax imposed, government needs to explain why. This OTT is completely wrong and shouldn’t have been brought,” Allan told local TV channel Spark.

He also revealed that as an app developer, the tax was affecting his work since it has reduced on internet usage in the country.

Asked about Bobi Wine, Allan revealed as a person he has no problem with him.

However he insisted he must control his relationship with him since he is from a different camp.

He revealed that Bobi’s son Solomon seems to



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