Dear batooro, you have a new prince. Your princess, Ruth Komuntale, has found love again.

Word reaching our desk indicates Komuntale is head over heels with another man.  And she’s flaunting her love for her new fella on social media.

Komuntale and her new new man

Komuntale and her new new man

Ever since she had a bitter split with her husband, US born Christopher Thomas some years back,

the princess has has been living a single life.

Not any more. All indications show Komuntale is in love with a one Durty Phil, a human being based in Doha, Qatar.

Well, not much is known about Phil. But he seems to have turned Komuntale’s life upside down.

She can’t have enough of him. Well according to her posts on social media.

One caption reads:  “The beauty about love is you never lose it no matter who comes and goes in your life.”


We hear he loves her back.

Watch this space!


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