Word has been circulating around about known news manager Maurice Mugisha skooping a juicy job at state corporation.

As this would call for popping the most expensive champgne in town, the mood at the serena-based station seems to be sombre as many are in the shadow next to grief.

Informed sources say when Kalinaki returned to Kampala to manage the convergence of news for all Nation Media Group news outlets – Daily Monitor, KFM, Dembe fm & NTV, things rapidly changed for the once very powerful Maurice.
A source further notes that he lost his independence and couldn’t determine the NTV news agenda as freely as he had been used to do in the preceding years.

“He lost power to sign authorization facilitation vouchers. He could no longer allocate anything close to Shs100,000 for a reporter without the intrusion of management at Namuwongo.Everything was controlled at Namuwongo where Kalinaki sits and insists people must go and seek facilitation from,” said a seasoned NTV employee privy to this development further endosed.

Gone now were the days when Maurice who then was working under equally pragmatic MD Aggie Konde had his own budget and generously facilitated reporters and other employees for news-related assignments.

Maurice is said to have come off as someone very understanding when it always got to matters of welfare to scribes. Facilitation is said to have been realised on time, he came off as a listener, problem-solver and seems to have inspired many.

However, this laissez-faire attitude was put to end when Kalinaki came back and left him very crippled thus many were begining to see him as a shadow of his former self.

This gradually is said to have frustrated him and couldn’t encourage guys to stay on because even he himself was disgruntled.” Sources added.

Adding salt to injury, it is said that Kalinaki’s bossy attitude of regularly calling Maurice at short notice to jump on Boda-Boda running up and down to and fro Namuwongo for abrupt meetings further demoralized Maurice’s repute that he had built over the years.

He could no

longer freely decide news stories and this risked making him lose some of the valued relationships built over the years including the one with Museveni’s State House where he was able to leverage on his power at NTV to get a juicy job for his wife. Irene Birungi now works at State House where she passes for the defacto Deputy PPS to Molly Kamukama.

When the UBC opportunity came knocking with a better pay, Maurice was left with just one timely choice of only crossing the subway, off to UBC where he is joining as Deputy MD earning Shs22.5m monthly.

“He has always gone for meetings called by Kalinaki but he was never enthusiastic about those abrupt meetings. He often felt disrespected being called at short notice to Namuwongo and indirectly forced to adapt Boda-Boda rides as means of transport, a thing that was not well recieved by many at the station.” added the source.

The new Kalinaki alignment had not only demoralized Maurice but had also constrained NTV’s capability to effectively compete in the news arena.

Sometimes reporters were asked to use personal money to persue a story, only later to regretably just lie low and let go.

Just imagine competing with a channel like NBS that way! – is the common frustrated phrase that is heard all over NTV premises.

Manager Johnson Omollo (a brother to Minister Sarah Opendi) is also reported to be as frustrated as the rest since he these days thinks more about his private businesses than the NTV job. “He clearly doesn’t see a future at NTV. He came with big expectations but ended up being exposed to much less privileges than his predecessor Konde.

In other developments another media personality Faridah Nakazibwe came out to trash what was circulating as news of the mass exodus to UBC.

Her facebook page read on thursday morning with a weird caption “Is this your mother’

faridah's caption

faridah’s caption


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