Furious Bebe Cool has told off Bobi Wine fans to go f**** their mothers in the latest audio recorded.

And to date this is Bebe’s most brutal reply to Bobi fans and pro change enthusiasts following the Friday night Lugogo fracas.

Bebe cool

Bebe cool

On Friday during the Swangz Avenue concert at the Cricket Oval, Bebe Cool was attacked while performing and police had to force him off

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stage for his own safety.

The musician has since then suspended all music performances for his own safety.

However he had remained calm all through. Until this morning.

An audio in which he promises to shed blood and die for president Yoweri Museveni is doing the rounds on social media.

In the audio, the furious singer also attacks Bobi Wine supporters using the F word.

He wonders why they (Bobi) cannot let him express his desire to support Museveni.

Bebe insists nothing will stop him from supporting Museveni.

Here is the audio…


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