Anne Whitehead, the lady handling Bobi Wine’s swift PR machinery has revealed reasons behind her departure from Uganda.

Anne Whitehead

Anne Whitehead

Whitehead left the country earlier this year, and is back home in Canada.
According to a section of media reports, Whitehead was left disturbed when her laptop was stolen by what many believed to be state agents some time back.

This followed, reports suggested, her work in polishing Bobi’s public image.

Under her public relations company, Whitehead Communications, the Canadian born PR guru played a leading role in packaging and readying Bobi Wine for politics.

Lately Bobi has been a major force with some even touting him for presidency in 2021.

All this thanks mainly to Whitehead.
According to some reports government forced Whitehead to flee the country.

Speaking to Xclusive UG from her home in Canada, Whitehead all but confirmed pressure from government played a major part in her decision to leave Uganda.

She revealed recent political events in Uganda were key in her decision.

“I was being put on extra pressure due to recent political events,” she told us.

However she could not divulge into further details because

of the sensitivity of the matter.

She added: “I have had a very busy year and was due for a break anyway.”

She also revealed her father also wanted her back home to celebrate his birthday.

“My father asked me to come home for his 70th birthday, so I took the opportunity to go for a holiday and get some rest,” she further revealed.

She concluded: “My business is still running in Kampala as I support online from Canada.”

According to information available on the internet, Anne Whitehead’s Whitehead Communications provides value-based public relations services with integrity, honesty and professionalism.

‘Our mission is to build respect and collaboration between people all over the world, and to support organizations in reaching their ultimate potential.  We work in collaboration with various organizations, freelancers, trainees and creative teams in Canada, Uganda and across the world,” the company profile reads in part.

Anne Whitehead holds a masters in communications.

She is trained in public relations, international development and cross-cultural communications, with extensive skills in business/NGO consulting, writing and editing, multi-media production, social media and stakeholder relations.

She holds a Master of Professional Communication from Ryerson University in Toronto, and a Bachelor of Arts in International Development from McGill University in Montréal, Canada.

She has provided PR services for various companies and individuals in Uganda, Rwanda and Canada.


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