Former Miss Uganda contestant Doreen Kabareebe has opened a modeling agency in Dubai and is set to open a branch in Kampala, Xclusive UG reveals.

Doreen Kabareebe opens Modeling agency

Speaking to this website, gorgeous Kabareebe revealed he is in Kampala to do ground work as she works towards opening a branch.

“I’m majorly into the modeling business apart from other things I do,”

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she told us.
She also said she manages a hotel, dispelling rumors that she is a waitress in a Dubai downtown restaurant.

She added: “I manage a big hotel in Dubai. Through that I meet various clients who will be my customers in the modeling business I have started.”
The former model has already started ground work and met various stakeholders including security expert Dixon Bond Okello.

Now all you models who want to make it big, you know who to contact…


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