Musician Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool spent the better part of Saturday afternoon at President Yoweri Museveni country home in Rwakitura, western Uganda.

EXCLUSIVE! Secrets of Bebe Cool, Museveni special meeting leak
Museveni invited Bebe Cool for a special meeting to discuss a way forward.
Bebe Cool met Museveni alongside fellow artiste Catherine Kusasira.

Both musicians are staunch supporters of the president and his NRM party.

“Oooh congz my young brother Gravity, sorry I missed the performance coz I had an urgent/important meeting with JAJJA of the nation,” Bebe said in a social media message.

The ‘Jajja of the nation’ home is Museveni’s new alias.
Details of what transpired between Bebe Cool and Museveni have finally been revealed.

State House insiders reveal that three key points discussed in the meeting included; how to empower the youths in Uganda, the musicians’ SACCO and of course countering opposition MP Bobi Wine’s surging popularity.
Insiders tell this website that Museveni asked Bebe Cool to be more involved in NRM programs for the

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It is said the two also joked about giving Bebe a top position in government like a ministerial appointment.

However this was on a lighter note.

Another source says Museveni also insisted that the current Bobi Wine wave will pass.

About the artistes’ SACCO, Museveni promised to inject in money. However he challenged the musicians to be more organised.
Lately the president has been traversing Kampala donating cash to various youth groups.
He wants Bebe Cool and Cathy Kusasira involved.

The president also expressed concern about how Bebe Cool was pelted with beer bottles at a recent music concert.

He promised to provide the necessary security for NRM musicians.

When contacted Bebe Cool did not divulge much.

“Jjaja says he loves you,” Bebe told his fans while boarding a UPDF chopper from Museveni’s compound.

“Whatever is happening will calm down,” he said in a jibe to the “people power movement” camp.

Bebe sent condolences to the widow of Yasin Kawuma, the driver of his nemesis MP Bobi Wine who was killed in the infamous Arua standoff.

He also sent condolences to the father of police officer Muhammad Kirumira who was assassinated in Bulenga, near Kampala.


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