Social Media is awash over Mastula, daughter to renowned city businessman and property man Mutaasa Kafeero and her Muzungu ex- husband Steve Nannry.

Mastula Mutaasa

Mastula Mutaasa

The socialite is being accused of being heartless by the Muzungu ex-lover and her baby daddy.

A seemingly angry and heartbroken Steve said while referring to the fact that Mastula did not check on him while he was in hospital recovering from cancer.

According to Steve it was during that time that she left him for Naser, the South African based Ugandan business man.

Nasser is also known as Don Nasser Isaac and as this website wrote recently he imported a Rolls Royce worth about Shs1.7bn.

On making full recovery, Steve expressed his disappointment at Mastula, his baby mama who he claims cheated on him on multiple occasions when they were still together. “She cheated from the beginning of our relationship, but the extent only recently became known to me. She will lie about anything to anyone. I’m not sure she has a conscience or fully understands what she does.”

Steve said he recently had a full recovery from cancer but Marscey as he fondly calls Mastula, “was heartless enough to never having inquired after she left”.

Steve started dating Mastula after she ended her marriage to Haji Fahad Logobe Ibrahim just a year after tying the knot. They met in US where her father had sent her for further studies but instead she returned with a child rather than a degree.

While in US, Mastula was staying with

Steve as husband and wife from May 2016 up to February this year when she left him.

He further says that her family knows him as the baby daddy but they might know the whole truth because according to Steve, Mastula is a serial liar. “Her family knows me, but probably don’t know much of the truth because she is such a proficient liar. I have been wronged for having done nothing but trusting her and trying to help,” Steve says of Mastula adding that he knew her whole sordid life when he started dating her.

Steve claims that Mastula is the one helping her new boyfriend Don Nasser in gold deals where the couple fleeces them of millions. “I know they evade taxes. I don’t have respect for him for various reasons, not the least of which is that he purposefully interfered in my marriage. I trust that God will deal with him.”

Naser , the current boyfriend

Naser , the current boyfriend

Mastula currently stays in one of the most luxurious suites at Speke Apartments with Nasser who is in town. It is here that she usually invites fellow socialite friends over for parties and is always on holiday trips abroad courtesy of her loaded boyfriend.

Months back, Nasser bankrolled Mastula to undergo surgery in Atlanta City in America.

A few days back, Nasser was however arrested and briefly detained at Central Police Station on accusations of obtaining money by false pretense for allegedly conning a Kenyan woman of about $300,000 last year.


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