Ethics and integrity minister Fr. Simon Lokodo has described the popular Nyege Nyege festival a gay event and asked authorities to stop it.


The event was set to takeplace this weekend in Jinja.

In a letter to Internal Affairs minister Gen Jeje Odong, Lokodo reveals that he has been informed by opinion and church leaders that the three day event is meant to recruit young Ugandans into the gay community.

He asked Odong to instruct police to cancel the event.
A missive has for the past few days been circulating on social media describing the event as a gay festival.

Here, we reproduce the missive;

NYEGENYEGE; The Annual festive for the Gay people is right here in our Nation and taking place in Jinja along the River Banks of River Nile, Dated 3rd to 9th September. Alot of very unspeakable evil will be done at this event invoking all kinds of evil spirits meant to come and initiating our nation to this kind of evil.

This event also involves drinking eating and having all kinds of sexual behaviours including having sex with animals, open group sex etc. Drinking and drumming invoking all kinds of spirits that you would ever know about. Gay people will be travel all across the nations of the earth in thousands to come and attend this event at the River Nile in Jinja.

At this moment you cannot even find a free hotel in any place near Jinja as all Hotels have already been booked and taken over.

Not less than 4000 gay people will be expected to attend this.
Pray against this and their

leader of gays in Uganda, a lady called BYARUHANGA CLARE, formerly born-again.
Recruitment is at a very high rate in Uganda and this event is no longer secret in our nation here. Strongly supported by MTN as well.

Guys enjoying themselves

Guys enjoying themselves

Brotheren, the devil has been bargaining for our nation for so long n now is the time that every one seems ready to sell it and hand it over into the hands of the evil one through all sphears of influence, this political season is also not a joke. people are operating under a great sense of a spell is been operating over the nation and even Pastors are already drunk on it. Wake up and pray for our nation Uganda. Great spiritual leaders are under the spell sent out to confuse the nation.
The so called Obama tursk force has already been sent here for so long meant to give boby strategies. You saw how the social media mobilised people all over the world and you think they are all one of us.
Watch and pray for the destiny of the nation of Uganda. This is not time for jokes and marketing our parsonal ministries and testimonies dear Brotheren. Let’s forcus upon discipling a nation once again, else we will begin to wonder how did this happen under our watch after the nation has been taken over n with no where to run.

Father Lokodo's letter

Father Lokodo’s letter

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