If you live in and around Kampala, you must have seen quite a number of powerful and expensive cars with personalised number plates under the name NASSER.
We have seen cars registered Nasser 1, Nasser 2 up to Nasser 5. These cars include two Range Rovers, and Mercedes Benzes.  And the owner, a one Nasser Nduhukire, is not done yet.
Nser's fleet of cars

Nser’s fleet of cars

This website can exclusively reveal that the young new moneybags has imported a Rolls Royce Phantom. For starters, according to google, the cheapest Rolls Royce Phantom costs
$417, 825.
This is around Uganda shillings 1.5 billion.
We can confirm that the car is already in the country, awaiting clearance from URA. The Rolls-Royce Phantom VII is a full-sized luxury saloon car.
Launched in 2003, it was the first Roll Royce developed and introduced after BMW purchased the right to use the Rolls-Royce name and logo in 1998. It has a power train engine of 6.75.
The car is credited with successfully reviving the Rolls Royce brand and restoring Rolls Royce’s credibility as a maker of luxury cars. This the first of its kind in Uganda, thanks to Nasser.
Not much is known about Nasser and his source of wealth, but we can reveal for close to a year he has been the new kid on the Uganda social scene.
Bryan White, step aside!
More details to follow…

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