This won’t go well with Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s legion of supporters.

Pastor Sempa

Pastor Sempa

Pastor Martin Sempa has questioned Mbonye’s source of income hinting that the Prophet has no known source of income meaning he could be a con star.

In a scarstic Twitter message, Sempa says Mbonye is too wealth and wonders the source of this wealth.

He cheekily says at least someone like pastor Samuel Kakande’s source of income is

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known from selling holy water and water melons.

However he wonders his Mbonye makes his dime.

Prophet Mbonye is one of the richest men of God and commands one of the biggest followings.

His followers believe is a miracle worker.
And its because of this belief that most of them have freely donated property, money to him.

The biggest percentage of his followers are the young corporates.

Pastor Sempa's Tweet

Pastor Sempa’s Tweet


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