Public health experts have attributed the growing number of maternal mortality due to unsafe abortions to a poor health system.

The startling fact was revealed during the presentation of a national research report on Induced Abortion and Post Abortion Care Among Adolescents in Uganda by Dr. Justine Bukenya, a lecturer at the Makerere University school of public health.

Poor health system increases unsafe abortions, maternal mortality
In the presentation that took place at Hotel Africana on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, Dr. Bukenya noted that many mothers die from complications arising from unsafe abortions after failing to get access to post abortion care facilities in many government hospitals.
“Women in rural areas go to hospitals but unfortunately there are no facilities for safe abortion leaving them with no option but to use rudimentary methods,” Dr. Bukenya explained.
According to a research by U.S based Guttmacher Institute and Makerere University, at least 57,000 abortions took place among Ugandan adolescents in 2013.


The researchers also found that adolescents seeking post abortion care for complications resulting from an unsafe abortion or miscarriage did not face greater disadvantages in their abortion care experiences, compared with women older than 20.

However, among those seeking post abortion care, unmarried women, including unmarried adolescents, were more likely than married women to experience severe complications.