A renowned Kampala city pastor is being accused of snatching a follower’s wife.

Prayer Palace Ministries lead pastor Bishop Grivas Musisi Kiwanuka is accused of moving out with her church goer, Judith Mbabazi Shanice, a striking and extremely beautiful Mukiga girl.

Bishop Musisi is the head of Prayer Palace churches which he inherited after the death of his late brother in the late 80s.

Sources tell us flamboyant Bishop Grivas has been secretly dating Mbabazi and it is said he is planning on officializing the relationship.

Mbabazi is married to a one Ssentogo and have children together.

But this did not stop the Bishop who struck and snatched her by splashing money on her.

As you read this devastated Ssentogo’s life has been crushed that he is even contemplating suicide.

In fact a

story is told of how the pastor Bishop Grivas has been using his position and money to woe many of his female followers.

“He is very close to female believers and showers them with gifts he buys from abroad,” one church source told us.

However its Mbabazi who has taken the pastor’s heart.

The two are said to so much in love that they are always together whenever the bishop is in town.

Our snoops have smoked out the lovebirds on several occasions at Uganda House and Javas Kamwokya enjoying themselves.

As a result Mbabazi has abandoned her husband and children in Kikoni.

It has  been revealed that there relationship has caused Judith to separate with her husband who used to rent for her in kikoni.

The pastor, who we tried to contact in vain, has rented for her a posh apartment in Kiwatule.

Bishop also separated with his  wife some years ago.

More details to come….


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