Word doing rounds, has it that a german who goes by the name Wolfgang Thome decided to escape the wrath of Kenyans after it emerged that he was in the act of writing defamatory stories about service institutions.

Dr. Wolfgang Thome

Dr. Wolfgang Thome

It is further said that after his failed marriage, the german decided to start a resource news blog called the [atcnews.org] that he uses to entice a big following by writing defaming stories whilst earning a living from as PR.
Credible sources intimate that Wolfgang Thome has been in the region masquerading as a doctor with a fake doctorate which he acquired from a theological collage in USA. A source privy to his history and character further confirmed this development by giving the knowledge of how to earn from the collage which ‘by no doubt is what Thome exactly did.

It is alleged that Wolfgang is given money to write bad stories about major projects and that’s how he makes it with big cheques to keep him going. There is nothing more than that,” the sources revealed.
“He claims to be an aviation expert but his qualification is questionable as

there is no known university that has to him.”

The source added that Thome actually acquired his doctorate from an American college that is known to offer paid for PHDs. “The college is called the United Theological College at Salisbury in the United States of America and that the costs of getting these degrees/diplomas range from $20,0000-30,000.

It is also further noted that Thome previously worked as a cook at Hotel Diplomat, a one star hotel that doesn’t match the standards that he acclaims of over 20 years ago.

” Thome will be told of an upcoming venture and then write criticism of the same and publish on his little known websites (ATC News blog). Thome then uses that to show his paymasters wherever they are to bankroll him,” another source added.

Many believe he resorted to this kind of dirty work due to marital frustrations.  Before relocating to Uganda, Thome is said to have first lived in Kenya where he got into trouble for the same reasons.

A story is told of how the German ‘doctor’ once got his behind drilled by three Sodomites in Gor Forest in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. It is not clear whether he remained straight after the encounter as it is believed that once a man’s ‘trunk’ is penetrated, he ceases to be straight.



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