Top Ugandan comedian Patrick Salvador Idringi has come under attack from Bebe Cool fans who are accusing him of double standards.

Salvado, Juliana and Bebe Cool

Salvado, Juliana and Bebe Cool

It’s a public secret that for years, Bebe and Salvador have been friends.

However the singer’s fans have expresses shock after Salvador joined a section of partiers at Cricket Oval to chase Bebe offstage with urine filled bottles at a music performance.

Salvador and his wife Daphne Franstock could be seen hurling insults and throwing bottles at Bebe Cool.

Now Gagamel soldiers have taken to Facebook to express their anger and disgust for Salvador.

One Mas Sam, a diehard Gagamel supporter posted:
“I’m not saying that he has no right to support what he wants but snakes or hypocrites come in people like Patrick Idringi Salvado.

On that Friday before Rasta

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stepped on stage, the same guy had the placard for his upcoming AFRICA LAUGHS SHOW and rasta being a good friend, he posed and took photos to help him promote his show.

An hour later the same guy was chanting people power in the audience as his so called friend was pelted with bottles stones etc together with the wife.

Don’t tell me you have forgotten how rasta called him on stage at Kololo to spice up the show after the president had left, ofcourse he was paid.
The same guy five days before had been with rasta at the goat race of course, everything on rasta’s bill.

Rasta has been buying VIP tables for all his comedy gigs, and all along I thought they’re friends.
Uhmmm hoping u remember the birthday party at your place.”

This message was followed by hundreds of comments for Bebe’s fans with many hurling insults.

Bebe Cool is yet to comment.


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