The Uganda Rastafarian Community (URC) have unanimously endorsed President Yoweri Museveni to continue leading Uganda.

Uganda rastas choose Museveni over Bobi Wine

In a meeting held in Kampala earlier this week the Rastafarians led by King Natty Babara Dread agreed Museveni was the right person for Uganda ahead of their fellow rasta man Bobi Wine.
Recently the Bobi’s People Power has seen many young Ugandans pick interest

in politics with many supporting Bobi.

And many expected the Rastafarians to support one of their own Bobi.

But in a rather rare turn, the deadlocked fellas have picked Museveni over Bobi Wine, even naming him (Museveni) their grandfather.

“We support Museveni over anyone else,” Natty Dread revealed.

However their choice has not come without criticism with many calling upon Rastafarians to be ashamed of their choice.

“Rastafarians are supposed to stand for peace and respect of human rights. Museveni government lacks both,” one wrote.


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