Wives, sisters, parents, lock up your husbands, brothers, sons, fathers and even grandfathers. Doreen Kabareebe is back in Kampala from Dubai.

Doreen with Okello Dickson

Doreen with Okello Dickson

For the last few years, Doreen has been holed up in the United Arab Emirates working as a waitress in a restaurant.

Back in the day Doreen ruled Kampala nightlife with every man drooling over her.

Many wanted a piece of her flesh. Many got it.


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since her departure some years ago, Kampala city’s Shaftability Index (SI) has been at its lowest.

But all this is set to change with the sexy former super model back in Kampala.

Doreen returned last week and has been checking on loved ones.

And tonight (Tuesday) the former Miss Uganda hopeful made a grand return on the social scene by hitting Rock Gardens for Rock comedy.

Doreen hooked up with old pal Dixon Bond Okello for a fun filled night out.

And men could be seen looking at her lustfully.

Many were pocketing. We understand


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