Ugandan music star Bebe Cool knows how to get attention. The singer milks every moment, even when it doesn’t concern him.

Bebe cool by press time was not in the country

Bebe cool by press time was not in the country

As everyone was busy talking about Kanye West and his wife’s Kim Kardashian’s visit to Uganda, Bebe jumped onto it.

But not to talk about it, but to be part of the story.

And he has successfully achieved his intention. Everyone is talking about him now.

This is after the Gagamel star took to Facebook to beg or rather ask the American rapper to feature him on his album.

Kanye is in Uganda to work in his next album titled Yhadi. And Bebe wants to feature on it.

He wrote: “Thanking YE, formely Kanye west and Kim for choosing Africa, mainly Uganda to visit and record your new music album.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you Kanye West together with your wife and management team for choosing Africa, but mainly Uganda as one of the countries you will visit and record your album.

Am so proud

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of my country and despite its small size and slow but steady development, it has alot to offer by nature like receptive  people, wildlife, great sights and sounds.

At the moment, am in your home country too for a business trip but the main reason for my post is to request you to feature me on your current recording of a new album.

As an African open minded and know what i want artist, let me be the first one to openly make this request without any fear because it’s within alot of young people in Africa to know what they want but fear to try, or make a move and by me doing this, my hope is it will inspire them to always confront challenges headon. And that if they fail, they would at least have tried other than failing to try.

I will understand if it doesn’t happen but atleast i did not shy away from what i am sure all African artists would want me inclusive. Otherwise i will be honoured if my request is granted but in the meantime have fun in Uganda because it is the Pearl of Africa.

Once again you are welcome to M7’s baby Uganda Kanye and Kim.

God bless you both.”


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