City tycoon Gaster Lule better known as Ntake has hired Chris Evans to compose and sing a song for his long time wife Esther.

Ntake feeding his wife Edith at their thanks giving

Ntake feeding his wife Edith at their thanks giving

In the song the the business mogul tries to express his feelings towards his wife of many years as a thanksgiving gift.

In the song, Ntake apparently heaps praise of his wife Edith and thanks her for sticking by his side all these years.

Chris Evans is said to have been paid quite a bag than the usual that is paid for a noraml Ugandan song.

The song has been said to be produced at Mozart Studios.

Humble Beginning: 

When Gaster Lule Ntake ventured into baking in the early 1970s, he had no idea

that it would come to define his destiny.

Gaster Lule 'Ntake' at his bakery in the 1970s

Gaster Lule ‘Ntake’ at his bakery in the 1970s

With only 2kg of wheat flour Ntake and his wife, Edith, ventured into the confectionery industry from an oven in their kitchen.

Their first customers were their neighbours. The business picked up and by 1978, Ntake Group was founded as a medium-sized bakery with basic machinery.

It was, however, not incorporated as a company until 1997. Ntake had a dream of owning the best bakery in the country that would serve Ugandans the best confectionery products.

Today he runs Ntake Bakery; operating five production facilities countrywide. Ntake told his grass to grace story through a song at the official opening of his latest milling plant at Nalukolongo, a Kampala suburb, early this month


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