From the humble beginning of a cosmetic shop, African Queen has grown over the last twenty-four (24) years into the leading distribution company of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Uganda.

Innocent Tibayeita

Innocent Tibayeita

AQ’s commitment to distributing  premium products ranging from Stationery, Personal care, Home care, foods and beverages to its customers is something to behold.

“We work closely with our multinational suppliers to ensure that we continue meeting the needs and expectations of our customers,” says Innocent Tibayeita, the Managing Director.

The FMCG ( Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector in Uganda has been known to have aggressive market competition, but at the same time, this sector has shown a significant scope to expand, with food and other necessities dominating consumer budgets.

The market trend for products such as toiletries, hair products among others has also relatively grown and the demand has been driven by

better quality, more sophisticated products and brands required by the growing Middle Income Earners population which African Queen is well placed to serve.

African Queen has a clearly defined Route To Market (RTM) strategy to deliver an effective and efficient model that provides them with a competitive advantage, which is a key facilitator to numeric and weighted distribution – for sustainable growth of the brands they distribute.

Mr. Tibayeita adds: “We currently have nine depots placed across Uganda and we are planning on increasing the number with more stocking points to ensure our products are easily accessed by the customer.

In addition, we have a highly qualified and performing human resource aimed at ensuring both our suppliers and customers are satisfied at all times.”


It is this depth of service, and always looking to improve its delivery that keeps African Queen optimistic about the future in the distribution business.

“Everyday we work to remain a leading distributor in Uganda and beyond,” he concludes.


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