Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has called a news conference today to celebrate the departure of Jennifer Musisi who for 7 years tormented him as KCCA ED.

Lukwago and Musisi presented two contradicting reports about the conduct of KCCA law enforcement officers (Photo Credit - Patrick O)

Lukwago and Musisi presented two contradicting reports about the conduct of KCCA law enforcement officers (Photo Credit – Patrick O)

Lukwago says Musisi was a big time tyrant who preferred to be feared as opposed to being respected. He says the last seven years have been the hardest years of his adult life.

He says Musisi promoted impunity and in the process committed many acts of corruption and financial impropriety which are going to be investigated through special auditing process.

Lukwago says that swimming into over Shs700bn which she controlled and expended without ever being audited, Musisi ignored all the organs of KCCA and as well as Public Service Commission and in the end recruited hundreds of employees at City Hall who have dubiously been earning billions in salary. To such employees, Lukwago said the day of reckoning has finally come.

The staff audit is going to expose those who dubiously got employed in KCCA. Having circumvented the provisions of the Employment Act, Musisi resorted to hiring her

not so well qualified cronies on four months contract basis which she kept renewing for an eternity.

Lukwago also says he was able to overcome Musisi (like Kabakumba Matsiko, Frank Tumwebaze & Mpimbaza Hashaka before) because of the power of the people of Kampala who stood behind him and the grace of God. “People Power has finally prevailed. Its now clear that you can deploy the military, have the Mambas here at City Hall and Museveni behind you but as long as the people have said no, you will have to leave at some point in time.

That’s how I managed to overcome Kabakumba Matsiko, Mpimbaza Hashaka and Frank Tumwebaze. Its not because I’m very powerful in any way as a person. Its because of the power of the people. I have never felt so happy because with Jennifer, its me who knows the hell I have gone through for the last 7 years.


Guys that woman is so evil. I’m now hopeful that in the same way, Beti Kamya will soon be overcome and eventually Mr. Museveni himself,” Lukwago said in his office where he was flanked by his Wakiso district counterpart Matia Lwanga Bwanika.

He hurriedly ended his news conference in order to accompany Bwanika to CIID headquarters where he was summoned for criticizing and confronting people who were conducting illegal sand mining in his district and more so Lake Victoria.


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