City events organizers Nickita Bachu and Slay Farmer  have lately staged  a massive party dubbed ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’, which runs every Wednesday of the week.

Girls glued on their phones

Girls glued on their phones

This previous Wednesday was not any different from the grand launch of the night that happened on the 3rd of this very month – October as many girls and partiers graced the night in hundreds  from Kampala and beyond.

The gig which started as early as 8:00Pm and continued throughout the night saw several revelers enjoy themselves without fear or favour to anybody.

All tribes of drinks and snacks were flowing from  different corners of the night club such that revellers could get refreshed as they enjoyed grooving away the night.

Nickita revealed that Woman Crush Wednesday is a massive ‘Ladies’ Night’ party that will be staged at Chief Club every Wednesday and this one was their second.

Meanwhile, Slay Farmer, who flaunts his ‘shareholding’ antics  in Chief Club, revealed that this is just the tip of the Iceberg, because “the Club is here to revolutionalise partying in Kampala and  is set to  unveil even more themed partier days which include Friday through Sunday for our clients in the near future. “

The Club:

Chief club is located right behind Total fueling station in Bukoto -former Nakumat. It is one of the few state

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of the art night spot with a VIP reception as you enter, modern music system  with filtered noise and a very hospitable ambience setting that will only be rivaled by  no other as stated by those that run the Club.

“We have big things coming” one of the chilled calm by stature owner- Fred was over heard asserting by one of our moles.

The Pictures:

Slayfarmer and the boys

Slayfarmer and the boys

The Host of the night - Nickta Bachu

The Host of the night – Nickta Bachu


The guests were in awe

The guests were in awe


Dj Jerry also featured

Dj Jerry also featured


The girls your girlfriend wouldnt love to see you chatting with

The girls your girlfriend wouldnt love to you chatting with


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