A Uganda auditor based in New York in The United States recently threw a mega birthday party for his secret lover in appreciation of her services.

Anice Akampa

Anice Akampa

Word reaching our desk indicates US based Juvinal Kacookoroo, one of the most celebrated auditors Uganda has ever seen, threw a mega party for his aide dish Anice Akampa on Monday.

Anice hosted her close pals at Empire bar in Kiira to celebrate her big day.

In fact, we are told, loaded Kacookoroo recently bought the bar (Empire) for juicy Anice.

According to pals, Kacookoroo is madly, deeply in love with Anice that he has practically forgotten about his official wife and mother of his beautiful children.

“You would think Kacookoroo regrets why he married early. He

feels Anice is the one. She is special. Very special,” a close pal who attended the birthday celebrations told us.

And not that Anice doesn’t love her back.


After the bash, divorced Anice took to Facebook to pour out her love and appreciation for Kacookoroo, whom she refers to as Chairman.

She wrote: “I have so much to say, I just can’t find the right words to express how am feeling tonight. Thank you Lord for the lovely family I have, for the amazing friends you gave me. You have made my birthday a memorable one. Thank you for the lovely messages, the gifts and the thoughts. I can’t Thank You enough. God continue to bless you. Chairman.”

Now this is the true definition of love in the air.


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