A few days ago social media and most blog sites have been a washed of former Big brother inmate and model – Stellah Nantumbwe’s lavish Birthday party.



Many, especially the Slay queens that this city has seen where stunned after a mystery married man gifted her with a monster Lexus Rx, 2016 car which is estimated to cost Shs 300m was unveiled as her birthday gift from an unidentified loaded man.

The model couldn’t hide her excitement but remained tight -lipped about the person who donated the posh car in limelight of her thigh-land.

However the car has caused a lot of spat amongst the socialites and slay queens of Kampala who wondered why they are always left with forwarded Birthday wishes while others are gifted luxurious gifts of that nature.

Many people have been wondering who the mystery fellow could be as the ‘chics’ on social media

swore to land their hands on the dude.

After previous reports indicating that the gift came from Renzioni Hill a real estate dealer, new information that is trickling link man of Ghad – Prophet Mbonye of Zoe fellowship ministries.

Word has it that Mbonye gifted Ellah the monster car because she joined his ministry as a high profile personality. Snoops further intimate that the birthday was fully financed by the ‘prophet’, who preferred to remain anonymous because of his social status.

And this is said to be the reason he couldn’t come out to attend. Many say that the self-styled prophet covered all the costs and expenses but remained out of the lime light because it would cause unrest amongst his followers.

Some of the prophets followers have come out to praise him even more writing many praise captions glorifying his name.

Ellah dancing on her BD

Ellah dancing on her BD


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