Don Nasser real name Nasser Nduhukire is lately in hiding after the self acclaimed fashy  socialite has been sited in a gold deal gone bad.

Don naser with a Posh ride

Don naser with a Posh ride

Word reaching our gossip desk has it that the socialite who recently rose to fame for his spending antics and relationship status with Tycoon Mutasa Kafeero’s daughter has gone into hiding after a scandal leaked last week.

Reports from Dubai allege that Nasser used the late Ak47’s widow and baby mama to his twins to get close to a real estate’s boss lady and fleeced her of USD 5m.

in a voice note that has been circulating on the whatsapp platform, Maggie Ak47’s widow narrates how the whole deal went down. Maggie in a voice

note says that ‘i met this lady on my first visit to Nasser in Dubai. She lived right opposite where we stayed and she kept complimenting my good hair style. Maggie and the lady later on became close friends which prompted her to introduce Nasser.

Maggie expressed shock in her continued narration as Naser kept in touch with the said lady claiming he owned lots of Gold back home and that he was son to former Kampala Mayor Al Nasser Ntege Ssebagala.

She further adds that Nasser hatched a mega hitch to con the lady after staging offices in Kampala.

Despite all her warnings falling on def ears, the lady fell for Nasser’s sweet deal.

Now reports indicate that Naser snubbed Mustulah’s ‘Mansion party’ where every one expected him to come and splash drinks. Its further said that he went into hiding and could not turn up. his where abbots are yet to be revealed.


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