Evelyn Nkinzi, 26, a self- confessed lesbian rights activist, is said to have fled to USA, after being thrown out of home by her husband, who learnt about her evil vice.


Evelyn while at Kyambogo

Nkinzi, a 26-year-old Ugandan, trained as a medical laboratory assistant and later started up a home in Luzira, a city suburb, with her husband identified as Marc Remus. Sources reveal however that they later developed misunderstandings after Remus establishing that his wife was involved in the vice of lesbianism.

It was not long before he pushed her out of their home. Nkinzi, who grew up in Jinja, relocated to Luzira in Kampala following the demise of her mother Suzan Bulafu. “That woman even used to show us videos and pictures of

women enjoying erotic sessions with fellow women and she seemed to be okay with it”, confesses a one Mama Moreen, who was her neighbour in Luzira.

Having faced the wrath of the husband and the neighbours who suspected her of recruiting their daughters in the vice, Nkinzi had no option but to flee Luzira and temporarily relocate to Lubowa, a Kampala suburb where she lived with her elder cousin called Millicent Bulafu. Nkinzi had not yet produced children during her short-lived relationship with Remus.

On arrival in USA, California State, Nkinzi enrolled for studies at Citrus College. Meanwhile, in the same vein, last week we reported a one Kenneth Ssebanja, who is also suspected to have fled the country after residents of Nansana in Wakiso district banished him from the village for allegedly channeling funding for homosexual promotion activities through his company called Kezah Properties Uganda.


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